Remove GoSave – How to Remove GoSave Effectively

Help! It seems that my computer has been attacked by adware called “GoSave”. I don’t when and how I download it onto my machine. These days I keep receiving lots of pop-up ads by it when I am browsing the online shopping websites. So I doubt that GoSave should be some kind of adware. I have tried running my antivirus program to detect it, but nothing was found. Now I am at my wits end. There isn’t anything else I can do to remove this adware and stop the annoying pop-up ads. Please give me some suggestion.

Description of GoSave

GoSave appears to be a useful application that makes users’ online shopping more easier. In fact, it is an adware program or potentially unwanted program (PUP) that aims to collect user’ personal data by tracking their browser cookies and show them all kinds of ads, including deals, coupons, banners, sponsored links, product discounts or other interactive content on their browsers.


This adware often comes bundled with shareware, freeware and other fake software updates that users have downloaded from the Internet. It can also slip into the targeted computers via spam email attachments which have been a common tool for hackers to spread malware like adware, redirect virus and Trojan horse. Sometimes, the adware can be unwittingly downloaded to users’ PCs when they accidentally click on the suspicious links and pop-up ads in some malicious websites (such as pornographic website).

Once installed on users’ computer, GoSave adware may generate various problems which have been listed as below:

The speed of the system and browser decreases.
Annoying ad pop-ups keep appearing on your computer.
Default browser homepage and search engine are changed.
Search results are redirected to irrelevant web sites.
Other types of malware are downloaded onto the infected computers.
New icons and shortcuts are added to your computer desktop.
Unwanted toolbars are installed onto your browser.
Some unknown websites are added to your favorites list.
Personal information & data are collected and sent to the hackers.

How to Remove GoSave Effectively?

GoSave is an adware that shows numerous ads, deals and coupons when users browse some shopping websites. If you are interested in online shopping, then you would like this adware; however, this adware is potentially harmful to your computer and privacy. Therefore, we highly recommend a quick removal of this adware. To stop the ads displayed by GoSave, you need to completely delete this adware from your computer. The methods in the following will guide you through the removal process.
Method 1: Manually Remove the Adware (Follow the Guide).
Method 2: Automatically Remove the Adware (Use SpyHunter).
Important Note: Manually removing the adware will not be an easy task for novice users, since it involves several complicated steps. If you have no experience of dealing with processes, files and registry entries, we highly recommend downloading and using a professional malware removal tool to deal with the adware. Click and download SpyHunter now!

Method 1: Manually Remove the Adware (Follow the Guide).

Warning: You’d better back up your registry before starting the manual removal. The Windows registry is a core component of your system, and no important registry entries should be incorrectly removed from your computer.

Step 1: Stop process of GoSave.

> Open Task Manager by pressing Ctrl+ Alt+ Del or Ctrl+ Shift+ Esc
> Select Processes tab and look for process of the adware or any other suspicious processes.
> Select it or them and click on End Process button.
Step 2: Remove adware related programs from Windows.

Windows XP\Windows 7
> Click Start menu, select Control Panel and click on Uninstall a program.
> From the list of installed programs, select any adware related programs and click on Uninstall/Change.
click-uninstall a program
Windows 8
> Move your mouse pointer to the right edge of the screen, select Search from the list and search for “control panel.
> Click on Control Panel and then click Programs and Features.
> Then, look for any suspicious program, select it and click on Uninstall.
Step 3: Remove all GoSave related files.

> Navigate to the local disk C.
> In the following folders, find out any suspicious files and delete them from your PC.
%Program Files%\
%UserProfile%\Start Menu\
%Document and Settings%\[UserName]\Application Data\
%UserProfile%\Application Data\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Quick Launch\

Step 4: Delete all registry entries associated with the adware.

> Press the Windows key + R key together.
> In the pop-up box, type “regedit” and click OK. The registry editor window will open.
> Search for any registry entries related to the adware and delete them from your PC.

Step 5: Remove add-ons related to GoSave from your browsers.

Internet Explorer
> Open Internet Explorer.
> Click on Tools and select Manage add-ons from the list.
> Click Toolbars and Extensions on left side of the window.
> Look for any adware related add-ons, and click on Remove/Disable button.
> Restart Internet Explorer to complete the change.
disable add-on-ie

Google Chrome
> Open Google Chrome.
> Click the Wrench or 3-bars icon on top-left corner of the browser.
> Select Tools, and click on the Extensions.
> Look for the adware related add-ons, and remove them by clicking on the trashcan icon.
> Restart the browser to make the change take effect.
remove extension_chrome

Mozilla Firefox
> Open Mozilla Firefox.
> Click on Tools and select Ad-ons from the list.
> Click Extensions, look for any adware related add-ons, and remove\disable them.
> Click on Plugins, find out and remove\disable any suspicious add-ons.
> Restart Firefox to implement the change.
remove extension_1

Method 2: Automatically Remove the Adware (Use SpyHunter).

For novice users, we highly recommend downloading and using SpyHunter to remove GoSave. The reason is simple: it is easier, safer and more effective. SpyHunter is a professional malware removal tool designed to scan your whole computer system and remove any detected malicious threats. This removal tool is easy to use and always ensures a complete removal of the threats on your PC.

Step 1: Download SpyHunter on your PC (click on the download button below).

download spyhunter now

Step 2: Once the downloading is done, run the file by double clicking on it. Click “Run” when the dialog as shown below appears. Then, follow the wizard to install SpyHunter on your PC.


Step 3: Upon the installation, run SpyHunter to scan your system for GoSave and any other potential threats.

spyhunter-scan computer now

Step 4: Remove all found threats from your PC by clicking on the “Fix Threats” button.

spyhunter-fix threats

Step 5: Restart your computer as the removal is done.

How to Protect Your PC from Malware

Always update your operating system and make sure software installed in it up-to-date.
Install a reliable anti-malware program and regularly update the virus database.
Be wary of free downloadable software and do a malware scan before installing any free software on your PC.
Implement full caution with links that you may receive from emails, social networking sites, and instant messaging applications.
Be very wary of email attachments even if they are from people you know and trust.
Make sure to scan disks that you use, so as to make sure that malware are not contained on the disk, even it is from someone you know and trust.

Attention: The manual removal should only attempted by the experienced computer users due to its high complexity and risk. Sometimes, even experienced users would rather download and use a reliable removal tool to deal with the malware on their PCs. Why? Using a removal tool saves much time and greatly decreased the risk of system damage. Therefore, if you are a novice user, you can choose to click and download SpyHunter to remove the adware.



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