Instructions for How to Remove Pop-up Ads pop-up ads often display on your web browser? If your computer gets infected by certain adware/PUP, you might see those annoying and bogus pop-up ads. To your disappointment, the installed antivirus program may fail to detect anything suspicious after scanning the system. How can you remove the threat and get rid of the ads? Follow the guide below and you will find the answer.

What is

You may see displays ads telling you to download Java to proceed with some execution when you click on some links. Please do not click OK to continue to download and install the so-called Java. Because you may be redirected to other unwanted websites that usually contain lots of ads instead rather than the official download site of Java. In fact, those ads are brought by potentially unwanted programs. If your computer gets infected by a PUP, your browsers may be affected and display dubious pop-ups. Many popular browsers including Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome may be infected by this threat. can be considered as a browser hijacker that forcibly alters the Internet settings of browsers and delivers ads. It can spread via networks. If it gets into your machine while you are surfing the Internet, the default homepage may be replaced with the unwanted website without permission. When you start the browser or click on some links, the following web page will pop up automatically:

The browser hijacker is designed to promote some products to make profits. From the screenshot above, we can see that the advertisement claims “Java Required: It is required to have Java in order to proceed with the JFieldManager execution” and you are only allowed to click OK button rather than Skip or Close button. If you are taken in and click the OK button to download and install the recommended software, certain potentially unwanted programs might be installed on the PC instead. Other cyber threats may take the opportunity to invade your computer and do harm to the system. Please don’t click on them, for they redirect you to unknown websites which contain malware like Trojans or fake programs.
Please note that the browser hijacker may be installed on your browsers as a browser extension/add-on. It may be able to monitor your browsing activities and collect your personal confidential information. Anything you enter in this web page may result in identity threat or other fraud. It is risky and your personal data may be used by cybercriminals if the application sends it to third parties. There is no doubt that the browser hijacker should be removed immediately without hesitation.

Note: If you want to get rid of from the computer, we recommend you to use SpyHunter to quickly have a scan of the system and remove the malware completely.


How does spread and how to prevent it?

Commonly, the browser hijacker is bundled with third-party applications, especially the potentially unwanted programs and adware. It often comes bundled with other free downloads so many computer users can’t avoid being infected by such unwanted browser hijackers.

If you want to prevent such browser hijackers, please be more careful when installing a new program from the Internet. Keep in mind that the advanced installation or custom installation should be the first choice. In this way, you can uncheck the unwanted or malicious additional applications or services.

How to remove browser hijacker from your computer?

Method 1 Uninstall related applications from Control Panel and repair your browsers

Method 2 Remove the unwanted programs by using SpyHunter (Recommended)

Method 1 Uninstall related applications from Control Panel and repair your browsers

Step1: Remove the dubious programs from your Control Panel

Windows 7/Vista:

Click on Start button, go to Control Panel and then click on Uninstall a Program under Programs/Programs and Features. Then search for the third-party programs associated with the browser hijacker and click on Uninstall button to remove them.


Windows 8:

Move your cursor to the right side corner and then select Search and type control panel to go to Control Panel. Then click on Uninstall a Program and the Programs and Features window will appear. Search for the related unwanted programs and click Uninstall button.


Step2: Remove the unwanted browser extensions from your browsers.

Internet Explorer

Click Tools/gear icon (depends on your IE version) at the upper-right corner of IE browser -> Manage add-ons -> Toolbars and Extensions tab – >Right click on the adware related extension and then click on Disable or remove.


Mozilla Firefox

Open Firefox and click Tools -> Add-ons -> Extensions Tab -> search for the unwanted or unknown extensions and click Remove.


Google Chrome

In Chrome browser, click the wrench or 3 bar icon -> Tools -> Extensions -> find the unfamiliar extension and click the trashcan icon next to it to remove the extension.


Step3: Change your search provider.
Internet Explorer

Click Tools/gear icon (depends on your IE version) at the upper-right corner of IE browser -> Add-ons -> Search provider tab – > search for and remove it.

Mozilla Firefox

Open Firefox and click Tools -> Options -> General -> search for and remove it-> reset a new homepage.


Google Chrome

In Chrome browser, click the wrench or 3 bar icon -> Tools -> Choose Settings to manage search engines -> Remove and select Google or other search engine you like as your default search engine.


Method 2 Remove the unwanted programs by using SpyHunter (Recommended)

If you can’t remove the adware or other malware from your computer, we recommend you to use SpyHunter – a professional malware removal tool. It can help detect all the threats on your computer and remove them completely within minutes. Its powerful malware detection and removal functions and user-friendly interface make it popular among many computer users.

Follow the steps below and you can get rid of the annoying pop-up ads by the adware quickly:

Download SpyHunter:

download spyhunter now

After you install it, click Scan Computer Now! to perform a scan of your system.


Once the scan completes, there will come out a result screen, please click Fix Threats button to remove the threats on your PC.


Note: If your computer is infected with the adware via malicious websites, you may get it again when you surf the Internet. In order to reduce the chance that such unwanted applications get onto PC again in case you visit malicious sites by accident, we recommend you to use SpyHunter protect your PC.


Though looks like a legitimate website, it’s not suggested that you keep it on the PC and use it to search for information. This browser hijacker often invades the PC without your knowledge and consent. To prevent infected by such unwanted programs, you can follow the tips below to reduce the chances of being infected again.

Since the browser hijacker often comes bundled with free downloads, you should pay more attention on your online activity and be careful when you install something from the Internet. Don’t visit those malicious websites and always download the programs or files from their official sites. When installing a new program, remember to choose the Advanced or Custom installation so as to unselect anything that is not familiar to you.

Friendly Reminder: If your browser is unluckily hijacked by, it is suggested that you use SpyHunter to have a scan of the system and remove the browser hijacker quickly and completely within minutes.



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