Boxed Books Adware Removal Guide

Does Boxed Books really help you when you are browsing? Do you frequently see various ads about it? Does it provide any useful information for you? Do you feel uncomfortable after installing it on your computer and want to uninstall it? If you do, please go through this removal guide for detailed information.

What is Boxed Books?

Boxed Books seemingly is a beneficial search tool which actually is created to be an annoying adware by cyber criminals. It seems no difference from other extensions with only a glimpse. Driven by its fraudulent statement, people easily believe it and take it as a reliable tool to make their browsing experience much better. This emulational search engine claims that it is able to enhance user’s browsing experience and look for the best price by comparing the prices collected from most of online deals. By this means, there is no need for this unethical search tool to invade into a computer secretly like some other adware. It pretends to be a licit and useful tool with its function to attract users to download. It is compatible with almost all versions of Windows OS including Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 and 8. According to some complaints, this extension is suitable to the major browsers like IE, Firefox and Google Chrome. With the disguise of professional appearance designed by its developers, it manages to cheat computer users from all around the world.

Once it installed successfully on the target computer, your computer will be assailed severely and lots of troubles will come to you. This vicious adware will generate constant commercial advertising pop-ups in forms of banners, inline texts, coupons and so on. If you click on these ads, it may lead to high-risk malware infections and your PC will be weakened.

Downloading and using this fake search tool is totally free for charge, while does the idea of how can it support to run its team ever cross your mind? Users should be aware of that there’s no such thing as a free lunch. Its developers can gain revenue from your every click on those intrusive ads, besides, with the help of additional malware, they can collect your personal information such as IP address, web browsing histories, search queries and send them to third parties. Even your detailed information about your identity and online bank account will be under dangerous situation. The longer you keep it on your computer, the more threats will be brought to you.
A Screenshot of Boxed Books:


Note: Having this malicious adware on your computer would never bring you any benefits but a series of troubles. You should have it disappeared from you system for good without consideration. If you lack of certain knowledge of managing computer process or want to remove it in no time, you can use SpyHunter to help you to delete the adware within several clicks.


Ways to Remove Boxed Books

Method 1: Remove the Adware Manually
Method 2: Remove the Adware Automatically

Method 1: Remove the Adware Manually

Step 1 End relevant process from Task Manager

Press Ctrl+Shift+Esc to quickly bring up Task Manager Window:


Users should check from Task Manager and see if there is any relevant process occupying the system resources and then end it immediately.

Step 2 Remove programs related to Boxed Books

For Windows 7/Vista

1. Click on Start menu (in bottom-left corner) > Control Panel > Programs and then select “Uninstall a program”.


2. Now find out the threatening programs or similar then click “Uninstall/Change” like below


For Windows 8
1. Click Charms bar, choose “Settings” and click “Control Panel”



2. Search for “Uninstall a program” and click on it


3. Look for suspicious programs, select them and click “Uninstall”


For Windows XP
Go to Start>Settings>Control Panel> “Add or Remove Programs”, find the target program and click “Remove” button.

Step 3 Remove Malicious Extensions or Add-ons from browsers

For Internet Explorer Users

1. Start Internet Explorer and click on top menu and go to the Tools option, then select Manage Add-ons from the list.


2. On the showing window, click All add-ons or Toolbars and Extensions (Depends on the version of IE you are using), select the add-ons or toolbars you want to remove and click on Disable button.


For Mozilla Firefox Users

1.Please run your Mozilla Firefox, click on Tools and select Add-ons

2. Now look on right side pane, on the Extensions and Plugins tabs, find out any programs related to this adware and remove or disable them.


For Google Chrome User

1. Open Google Chrome Tools to Extensions

2. On the Extensions tab choose the malicious add-ons and click on the recycle bin to delete them completely.


Method 2: Remove the Adware Automatically

Auto removal is relatively convenient for users who are not familiar with computer management which related to organizing data and files, deleting programs, dealing with registry entries and so on. If you don’t have the faith to remove it by yourself, that is the best solution.

Step 1 Download SpyHunter on your PC by clicking the icon below:


Step 2 Run the downloaded file and install it, you are free choose the langue you are going to use


Step 3 After the installation, click on “Scan Computer Now!” to scan your computer for all malicious threats


Step 4 Click the “Fix threats” button to eliminate all finding problems

scan over

At last, exit the removal tool and restart your PC.

How to Prevent Adware?

Most of adware disseminate through unsafe freeware download websites or attachments of spam email. Though Boxed Books has its own specific site and download page, but this does not mean that it will not do harm to your computer. Users should pay more attention to the freeware and shareware when download them online. It is suggested do not go to the suspicious sites and click on any unknown links.
Tips: If you are not sure whether the websites you are going to is safe or not or wondering if the downloaded programs is harmless, we advise you to use SpyHunter which will do a thorough scan to protect your computer from malware and virus. Once it detects any threat, it will delete the threat in no time.


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